“B.S.” BS-70 series
Design of cardboard boxes
Box of the "Smart" model
With the image of a dolphin
Box of the "Auto" model
With the image of a Tesla electric car

Unfolded Box Templates
The images on the front covers correspond to the meaning of those objects on the back covers:
1. Dolphin — coral ("Smart" series).
2. Dove — olive branch ("Smart" series).
3. "Tesla" — electronic navigation systems and speedometer ("Auto" series).
Video of the "Smart" model boxes
With the images of a dove and a dolphin

Colors in CMYK color model
used in these designs
One of the difficulties was to color the photographic images in the exact company's colors.
To do this, I used the "Gradient Map" tool in "Photoshop". The color values were set manually, in the CMYK pallete:
Using the "Gradient Map" tool in "Photoshop"
to match the exact company's colors
“B.S.” is a manufacturer of cellular communication amplifiers (GSM/3G/4G and Wi-Fi),
based in Saint Petersburg, Russia
I have worked out the following:
- Brand Concept;
- Design and Layout;
- Prepress (preparation of layouts for printing)